The choice of quality and well-balanced vitamins and minerals are crucial for healthy development of the cows. Reproductivity and health as well as milk capacity of cows depends on continuous and balanced consumption of vitamins and minerals. Greenagro Premixes complement the complete mixes and thus contribute the cows:

• Good health and reproduction.
• Achieve good growth, development and conversion of food.
• Maintain healthy hoofs, healthy udders and regular fertility.




PREMIX Calves for fattening Young cows Dairy cows Drained cows
DESCRIPTION Premix for fattening with:

· vitamins

· minerals

Premix for before the start of reproduction with:

· vitamins

· minerals

Premix for the lactation period with:

· vitamins

· minerals

Premix for drained cows with:

· vitamins

· minerals

BENEFITS · Stimulation of the digestive tract

· Fast growth

· Optimal development

· Development of the digestive tract for better digestion in the later stage

· Development of the milk glands

· Preparation for high milking capacity in the lactation period

· Healthy hoofs

·         Increased performances

· Strengthens immunity

·         Improves the metabolism

· Prolongs the production span

· Prepares the cow for complete lactation

· Revives the cow and stimulates the body reserves for start of the lactation

· Ensures reproductive efficiency