Our mission is to produce and market high quality and sustainable products that protect and improve the performance of the animal protein production industry.
Our Farm Solutions improve animal health, performance, and well-being through drinking water supplementation.
Feed Additives, like toxin binders and organic acidifiers have high importance in animal health, and healthy animals produce more quality products.
Our products are specifically chosen to address certain issues, and boost immunity in animal health.


  • Multivitamin liquid – booster tonic based on vitamins and amino acids.
  • AD3E – prevention and treatment of stress and vitamins deficiency with mix of Vitamin A, D3 and E.
  •  Fatty Liver – encourages the export of fat from the liver, ideal lipotropic nutrient mix of essential vitamins, pro vitamins and amino acids.
  • Cage Fatigue – essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins, who improves the importance to the formation of the egg shell and the development of the skeleton/bone formation in growing animals.
  • Water Acidification – the organic acids and their salts support digestion in the animal by lowering the pH, improve nutrient digestibility and inhibit microbes in water lines.


  • Toxin binder – effectively inactivates a broad range of mycotoxins and reduces the health hazard in animals, reduces immunosuppression and prevents mould development in stored cereals and feed.
  • Organic acid – controls undesirable bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract of animals, especially effectively reduce salmonella contamination and recontamination.