Greenagro has one mission and that is One health for everyone. Оur experience allows us to select only the best ingredients to preserve our mission.
Quality and selected ingredients mean a healthy meal for every animal, and thus healthy animal production.
Farm-to-fork adage is our ultimate goal. With our ingredients the end product is better quality and healthier.

VITAMINS:                         MINERALS:                                        PIGMENTS:                                       AMINOACIDS

Vitamin A                           Iodine                                                 Carophyll Red                                  Lysine

Vitamin B1                         Copper Sulphate                              Carophyll Yellow                             Methionine

Vitamin B2                         Copper Glycinate                                                                                        Tryptophane

Vitamin B12                       Zinc Oxide                                         MACROELEMENTS:                         Threonine

Vitamin C                           Zinc Sulfate                                       MCP

Vitamin D3                         Zinc Glycinate                                   Magnesium Oxide                          

Vitamin E                           Ferro Sulfate                                   

Vitamin K3                         Iron Glycinate                                  ANTIOXIDANT

Biotin                                  Cobalt                                                 

Folic A                                 Manganese Oxide                           ENZYMES

Calpan                                 Manganese Glycinate                   

Niacin                                  Manganese Sulfate

Choline                               Selenium