Affinity Petcare is much more than a company with expertise in animal nutrition, a company that loves animals, advocates for their welfare and care for them for more than 50 years. Leading pet food company in Spain, while we rank fifth in Europe.​​
Advance is a high-quality food, specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your pet, supporting the development of its digestive and immune system, helping to strengthen its natural defense system.
Scientifically proven – strengthens natural immunity, contains a formula with active immunoglobulins that are plasma proteins that strengthen and stimulate the immune system and natural polyphenols, components obtained from plants, contain antioxidants, modulator of the immune response during stress, disease and slow down the aging of cells.
The presence of nucleotides helps to improve the effectiveness of cell division and provide the opportunity for optimal development of all tissues and organs in the pet as it grows.​
Through increased immunity and natural defense system, it helps them to have optimal muscle mass, maintain good dental, gastrointestinal health, healthy skin and shiny fur.​
The presence of special minerals prevent the formation of plaque and tartar and provide fresh breath to your pet.
The size of the granulate is specially adjusted according to the size, breed and age of the pet
ADVANCE – An expert in your pet’s nutrition, for more than 20 years expert veterinarians and nutritionists have been investing in innovation and science.​
For perfect homeostasis in the body and strong immunity!
Choose scientifically proven “Advance” food for your dogs and cats.