Greenagro is one of the first companies on the market for forage mixtures and components for animal feed  in Macedonia. Since its beginnings, Greenagro has set high standards and quality with the sales of concentrates and premixes of global brands for animal feed .

Our long-term existence and acquired experience enabled us to start with our own production of incomplete forage mixtures for animal feed- premixes. Our products for proper nutrition have one goal and that is a maximum contribution and high-quality products for the farmers.

The regular cooperation, which Greenagro has with consultants from around the world, constantly helps us in our development and allows us to keep up with the world developments, which we apply in our products.



What distinguishes us as a company is our full support and strategy that we offer to the farmers. The premixes are not the only thing which is essential for the success of the farm, but also the other factors which affect the contribution. Therefore Greenagro undertakes the following steps in making a plan for feeding the farm animals:

  • Analysis of the conditions on the farm
    Laboratory tests of the raw materials used by the farmer
  • Recipe, according to the analysis, for the premix and complete diet
  • Preventive veterinary advice
  • Guidelines for the management of the farm.


The technological preparation of the premix has its own complexity and characteristics that affect the quality of the final product. These are just some of the factors that affect the quality of our premix:

  • high-quality and carefully selected ingredients in the premixes
  • careful control of its own modern production equipment, which is a technologically automated system
  • equipment with a specialized high-precision in the measurement and creation of a homogeneous mixture
  • regular laboratory testing of the raw materials and final products

    With Greenagro, farmers always have the right choice, which will ensure a maximum contribution and high quality products.

    • High quality and carefully selected ingredients in premixes;
    • High production control, laboratory testing of the raw materials and the final products;
    • Automated production system of the technological process;
    • Full service for the care of farm animals
    • Detailed analysis of the farm needs


Greenagro’s second main activity is trading with animal feed high quality additives and raw materials from supply partners from all over the world with its commitment to offer the best products available on the market and keep up with the current global animal nutritional trends.

Providing our customers with a unique product portfolio, consisting of carefully selected products from our world class supply partners, is only one of the many services that we provide. Greenagro’sexpertise together with the expert teams of our partners are always ready to offer the best solutions and support to satisfy our client needs.

We are dedicated to find sophisticated logistics solutions and on time shipments, providing our clients the maximum level of support for their needs.

Greenagro’s approach to each project is characterized by three specificities – high quality, competitive price and strict compliance with the deadlines.