Synergy between science, natural probiotic sources and cost-effective livestock farming.



PROBIOTIC – living yeast cells – Saccharomices Cerevisiae and Saccharomices Cerevisiae Var. Boulardii (1.5×1010 CFU/gr)​.

Yeast are micro-factories which produce various nutritive material which contributes to the general health of the animals, boosting immunity and higher performances​.
Carefully selected between more than thousand yeast strains.

The balance of the gut microbiota reflects on the whole body of the animal in many ways, especially on digestion, immunity and the production performance.​
The misbalance of the gut microbiota which can be caused by unbalanced diet, toxins and the use of antibiotics can cause various health issues followed by weak performances.​
Increased number of pathogenic bacteria or imbalanced gut microbiota causes disruption of villus and epithelium which opens way for pathogenic bacteria and toxins to enter the organism and lower absorption of feed nutrients. ​

    ProYeact is a microbiota modulator:​

    • Increased presence of beneficial lactic acid bacteria​
    • Decreases presence of intestinal pathogens​
    • Produces short-chain fatty acids​
    • Lowers pH intestinal pH value​
    • Competes pathogenic bacteria for nutrients​
    • Reduces Clostridia sp.​

    ProYeact B

    As gut microbiota modulator, the use of ProYeact B leads to:

    • Boosted immune system
    • Prevention from illness and ensures better vaccine reaction
    • Antibiotic use reduction
    • Improved meat quality, reduced cholesterol and triglycerides levels
    • Improved nutrients absorption, absorption of proteins, calcium and phosphor
    • Increased performance of poultry production by +17%
    • Feed Conversion Ratio bellow 1.6
    • European Production Index above 400
    • Increases growth speed and body weight of the broilers

      ProYeact C

      ProYeact C benefits in Ruminants:

      • Increased Lactation of dairy cows:
      • Stimulation of rumen flora
      • Control of the rumen pH
      • Decrease of oxygen concentration
      • Helps manage heat stress